Parking Lot Maintenance

Premier offers a full range of commercial parking lot maintenance services to keep your walkways clean, safe and looking sharp.

Parking lots and sidewalks leading to your commercial building are the first impressions your property has on your clientele. Trust Premier to keep your parking lot and sidewalks swept with our street sweepers.

Spring sweeping is the most important service you can do for your commercial property. After the winter season is over, excess salt remains against your building, door entrance ways, concrete and asphalt surfaces, as well as over top of catch basins and storm drains, creating premature damage to these surfaces.

Allow Premier to complete power sweeping, coupled with parking lot flushing and pressure washing of your sidewalks and building exterior to clear away salt and other winter debris; preserving the exterior of your commercial property and getting your Spring season started with fresh, clean parking and walking surfaces.

Once sweeping and flushing is complete, Premier can help you maximize space and maintain order with freshly painted parking lot lines, parking space designations (handicapped, family & expectant mother), pedestrian walkways and stop bars.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Pot holes in your lot?

This will be a must in the spring if your parking lot is aging. Trust that Premier will identify and bring any potholes to your attention before they do damage to a customer or employee vehicle. Premier will ensure to properly install a patch that will keep your property safe.

Damaged signage? Premier can replace or install additional signs that suit your needs.

Premier offers the following Parking Lot Maintenance services:

Pothole & Asphalt Repair

Asphalt is used in parking lot applications because it’s durable and low-cost. Its strength and resistance provide high traffic, high impact areas with protection that reduces the amount of damage the area endures over the course of time. Although it’s tough and practical, maintenance is needed to protect the asphalt. Repairing cracks is a part of everyday maintenance needs. These cracks appear naturally over time and can be sealed and patched quickly and easily. If the cracks are repaired or if water has caused erosions that’d destroyed the asphalt, a pothole may result. It’s ideal to prevent potholes by patching up cracks while they’re small, but rest assured our expert technicians can repair either with precision and quality. We use the best crack fillers for the time of the year, temperature and weather and carefully fill the cracks to seal out moisture and prevent additional erosion.

Curb & Concrete Repair

Curb appeal has an entirely new meaning when it comes to the actual curbs on your property. Why we oftentimes neglect the curbs from our thoughts, it’s’ time to change that. Damage-free curbs add value and comfort to a property, but like any type of concrete, face a slew of potential risks that need immediate attention to fix. Call us in the time of need, as we offer the best repair service in town. Fast, efficient cracked curb repair is a service our experts specialize in. Rest assured we use high-quality products when repairing broken concrete, taking the time to ensure a job done right. We never cut corners and risk a great job. We’re happy when our customers are happy and this requires quality work from the start. No matter how small or large the cracks and chips, our experts have the skills to efficiently make the repair.

Parking Lot Sweeping

Dirt, rock, and sand accumulation in the parking lot decrease aesthetic appeal and value of your property and add tremendous risks to customer, employees, and others who drive their vehicle to your property. It also increases the risk of damage to a vehicle as it decreases the lifetime of your asphalt. Customers base their impressions of your business on its appearance, which starts outside the facility. Furthermore, many consumers will look elsewhere if the parking lot is damaged and the fear it will harm their vehicle. Call us to schedule parking lot sweeping to remove this build-up and maintain your businesses pristine appeal to customers old and new. Our street sweeping service removes all the dirt, rock and accumulation from your parking lot. We service lots small and large, ensuring it’s immaculately clean, protecting the trustworthiness of your company and the protection customers gain.

Parking Lot Flushing

Provide customers with a clean parking lot and they’ll thank you by frequenting your business more often. A clean parking lot creates an impression of your company that reflects you in a positive manner. That’s very important, especially if you are an upcoming business just getting into the swing of things, but even for long-standing businesses as well. It protects the aesthetics of your business exterior but does so much more than add appeal. No matter what type of business you operate, parking lot flushing service quickly efficiently removes grime left behind by vehicles, such as oil and transmission fluid, as well as other dirt that accumulates on the parking lot. A clean parking lot gives customers the impression that you want to create and protects your investments for a long time to come. It improves safety, reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents. It also stops scratches, dents, and dings in the vehicle.

Side-Walks & Building Exterior

Pressure Wash Cleaning

Pressure wash the sidewalk and building exterior to main sleekness and appeal, increase strength and durability, and to maximize the value of your property. You’ll love how lavish your building looks after its been pressure washed. Regardless of the age of the building, pests, dirt, grass, and other grime may accumulate on the exterior, depleting the appearance and causing structural damage in the process. This increases the risks of pests, mold and other haphazard that may cost a considerable amount of money to repair. Sidewalks that are dirty also attract pests and deplete the appeal of your property. Damaged sidewalks also pose safety risks to customers and others who use them. Our experts offer the perfect solution to your woes. Thorough pressure wash service is part of our parking lot maintenance because it keeps your property clean. It’s quick, easy, and it’s affordable enough for any business to use to their advantage. Pests, dirt, and grime never stick around when our experts are there to service your needs.

Parking Lot Line Painting

Your parking lot says a lot about your business. If it’s dirty or if the line are worn out, faded, or non-existent, customers gain a less than stellar impression of your business. Your parking lot is the first thing that customers see when they arrive at your business. Ensure they like what they see and all us to replenish your parking lot using our striping service. Not only will fresh parking lot line painting improve aesthetics around your place, it also keeps customers safe, content, and within the boundaries of your parking lot. It’s up to you to do your part to keep customers safe. This is uneasy, multi-beneficial way to keep everyone safe, secure, and enjoying your business the way they should be. It’s also an affordable solution for a business owner that wants to ensure their exterior creates the same phenomenal impression as the interior of their business.

Catch Basin Cleaning & Inspection

When septic tank issues such as weak sump flow affect your business, it may be the result of a full catch basin. It’s an issue that doesn’t pay off to ignore, but instead creates more problems and headaches than you could imagine. Call us to come out and inspect the catch basin and clean the unit if its time. We use high powered water jetting vacuums to thoroughly clean the basins, providing assurance in our service. A clean catch basin is more sanitary than one needs to be pumped. There are fewer odors and fewer health risks and concerns. You won’t scare away customers when the catch basin is clean since the smells and risks of problems deteriorate substantially. You also have peace of mind knowing the catch basin is clean and prepared to tackle your needs. This reasonably priced service is one that every business needs if a plumbing system is in use.

Signage Replacement & Installation

If your sign is outdated, damaged, broken, or hard to see, it is costing your business in more ways than one. Not only do you miss out on customers in the sight isn’t easily invisible or when they cannot read what’s on the sign, but you also scare away many people who expect a worthwhile business to keep their products in good condition. Call us for signage replacement and installation service and we’ll provide you with a sign that impresses onlookers and helps you stand out from the crowd. Our quality signs come in assorted designs to accommodate any business need or style. Design your own sign if you prefer. No matter what your signage needs, we’ll make sure you get a quality sign and affordable, quality installation service that surpasses your every expectation and need. It’s one way we take care of the community and our customers.

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