Interlocking Driveway Extensions in Ottawa

Opting for interlocking pavers is a smart choice when considering a driveway extension. If you're in need of more parking space or want to enhance the value of your property, our dedicated team will collaborate with you to identify the ideal product for your driveway extension. Your driveway extension will be skillfully installed by our trained professionals proficient in all facets of interlocking projects.

There are different ways to expand your driveway based on your needs and options for your residential project.

Widening Your Driveway

Pavers come in various sizes, shapes, and textures, complementing any house design. As a homeowner you can select from an array of options, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs. Driveway extensions are a practical way to increase parking capacity and enhance the visual appeal of your property. Check out a variety of pavers you can purchase in Ottawa, ON at Canlok Stone.


Expanding Your Driveway

Want a fully created interlock driveway? Opting for an interlock system ensures long-lasting results without the drawbacks of other driveway options. When comparing your options to a concrete driveway, they can develop cracks over time, necessitating complete replacement.


Enhancing Your Front Entryway
A well-designed interlock driveway should seamlessly extend from your front entryway. Create even more curb appeal by extending your pavers to your front walkway. Paver stones not only contribute to aesthetic appeal but also require a sturdy build to resist sagging, sinking, and weed growth over time. High-quality materials ensure that your driveway remains in excellent condition for years. Base materials further inhibit weed growth while resisting erosion.

If you’re a homeowner searching for pavers and an interlocking driveway extension service in Ottawa, we are the reliable choice you can count on! Contact our team today to get started on your Ottawa driveway extension.

How We Ensure Stability for Your Driveway

To safeguard your company’s interlock driveway from potential sinking issues, it is crucial to establish a robust foundation with an ample amount of gravel. 




In cases of insufficient gravel base, conduct a thorough excavation, ensuring there is enough space to accommodate a 12″ layer of gravel, along with additional room for stone width.


Base Materials:


Whether you’re planning a new driveway extension or walkway, choosing appropriate base materials is crucial for achieving the aesthetically pleasing results you envision. Our range of products forms the cornerstone for these endeavours, playing a vital role in ensuring the durability and stability of the entire structure. This not only contributes to long-term resilience but also translates into cost savings by minimizing the need for frequent repairs and maintenance. We can assist you in selecting base materials that deliver Durability by withstanding heavy loads, foot and vehicle traffic, and adverse weather conditions; Stability by establishing a robust foundation that prevents structural shifts, cracks, or collapses over time; and Drainage by facilitating effective water management to prevent accumulation and safeguard your new installations from potential damage.




Ensure a critical compaction process to fully compact the base.


Ground Leveling with Bedding Material:


We utilize high-performance bedding (HPB) as the preferred bedding material for levelling the ground for fully permeable, minimized moisture retention and reducing the risk of expansion during winter.


Paver Installation and Gap Filling:


Reinstall the stones in their designated positions and fill the gaps with polymeric sand. This specialized sand acts as an adhesive, binding the stones together. After application, compact the sand to allow it to settle in the gaps. Apply a second layer to fully seal the interlock, eliminating any potential for shifting.

The Advantages of Incorporating a

Border into Your Driveway Extension Design

If you’re eager to elevate your driveway extension design to the next level, consider the significant benefits of adding a border to your pavers. 




The most apparent advantage of introducing a border to your interlocking driveway lies in aesthetics. A well-designed border has the potential to elevate your driveway’s visual appeal, providing that extra touch of allure. If you’re contemplating selling your home, a thoughtfully crafted border can contribute to an increase in its market value.




Adding a border doesn’t just enhance the visual aspect; it also serves as a protective feature. The border acts as a defence against potential hazards such as snow plows, lawnmowers, and even pets. By creating a barrier along the edges of your driveway, you can safeguard it from external elements, prolonging its lifespan and preserving its pristine appearance.


Easy Maintenance:


Borders play a pivotal role in simplifying the maintenance of your interlocking driveway. By enclosing the edges, you can effectively ward off weed growth and prevent soil erosion. This translates to reduced maintenance efforts for you in the long run, ensuring that your driveway remains in top condition for years.

Driveway Extension FAQs

Is a permit required for driveway extensions and expansion?
Living in a rapidly growing and densely populated area presents various challenges, especially in urban spaces. Whether it's for roads, businesses, parks, or homes, the limited space means that neighbours often reside closely in densely populated centers, even within single-family homes. It's crucial to be aware that, despite owning private property, obtaining a permit is generally required before commencing any construction, including driveway widening in many areas, and must be considered. It is advisable to check local by-laws before starting any driveway project, and contacting professionals like Premier Property Services is recommended to avoid potential issues. With years of experience, we are well-versed in the approval process for driveway widening projects. We draft plans, measurements, and dimensions, submitting all necessary documentation to the city while adhering strictly to by-laws and regulations.
Is it better to customize your driveway extension with interlocking pavers?
Interlock offers a completely customizable option for property owners. As the homeowner, you have the flexibility to choose from a variety of colours, styles, textures, sizes, and patterns, allowing you to mix and match, creating a more personalized effect. The multitude of manufacturers in the market further expands the range of choices available and our expert team can help you select the best option.
How durable are interlocking driveway pavers for driveway extensions?
Interlock pavers for driveway extensions stand out as one of the best options for driveway surfaces, capable of withstanding the constant load from vehicles over many years. A well-built interlock driveway with a solid foundation can outlast any asphalt surface. Instances of damage in interlock driveways often result from poor installation rather than a lack of durability in the product. Asphalt can be durable, but its inherent inflexibility makes it susceptible to the gradual erosion of aggregate and the eventual appearance of cracks due to winter’s seasonal weather cycles. Heavy loads can also create divots, creating areas for water to pool which can cause issues with winter freezing temperatures and cracking.
Can interlocking driveway extensions damage and be easily repaired?
Yes. If your interlocking driveway from the start or in the extension were to crack, the pavers can easily be removed and replaced with a new product. Your interlocking driveway can be restored or repaired at any time, even if it is ten to twenty years later.