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The Sod Soil Preparation Process

Commercial Landscape Maintenance – Get Your Soil Sod-Ready Today

Prepare Your SoilPreparing soil for the sod installation process isn’t a complicated task at all. Employ a rototiller for soil loosening purposes. Depth of between six and eight inches is ideal. Do away with debris such as stones. Introduce organic matter to the equation. Aim for between two and three inches total. This matter can boost both water retention and soil aeration. It can even strengthen your soil’s microbial presence. Organic matter, in a nutshell, is essential for soil wellness. Till in lime or fertilizer. You can decide this once you evaluate the outcome of your soil testing. Need help with the preparation process? Call us we are lawn pros with sod installation and Commercial Landscape Maintenance.

Prepare Your Soil Like a Champion

It’s critical to get your ground ready prior to beginning the sod installation process. You need a minimum of 4 healthy soil inches. Eliminate any grass that’s old. Doing so can promote strong new sod growth. Rota-till your soil. Roll the section for soil packing purposes. This can also offer useful ground leveling. Extract any soil masses, sticks, roots or rocks you notice. Loosen the uppermost layer of soil. Focus on the highest two inches. This can encourage the new sod’s roots to settle well. Schedule an appointment today.

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Sod Soil Preparation Process
If you need more information that can help you prepare your soil for sod installation, get in contact with Premier Property Service Ottawa as soon as possible. They are experienced with commercial landscape maintenance. We can provide you with accurate information regarding rota-tilling, water retention, soil aeration and more. Call us right now for more information about the soil preparation process.

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Top-Quality Ottawa Sod Sales and Installation

premier property Ottawa sod Installation

Ottawa Sod Sales and Installation

Are you searching for top-quality Ottawa sod sales and installation? Premier Property Services can tend to your turf care needs 100 percent. We can provide you with first-rate Kentucky bluegrass blend that’s ideal for the Eastern Ontario climate. Our Kentucky bluegrass blend doesn’t have extensive fertility needs and brings many different benefits to the table. This blend is dark, can accommodate a vast range of factors, is drought tolerant and disease resistant. People appreciate the texture and attractive colouration Kentucky bluegrass supplies. It withstands low cut heights and fixes itself rapidly. You can even access our Kentucky bluegrass in exciting dwarf varieties. This grass has an intensely dense and consistent surface that’s suitable for commercial and residential in the Ottawa area.

Affordable Prices

Sod laying makes attaining a lovely and healthy lawn a fast and hassle-free process for anyone. It doesn’t matter if your existing property is practically empty or a chock-full of weeds is okay as well. We can also offer to provide landscape design and construction. Prices for sod laying always differ. If you want to lay your sod at the right time, you need to pay attention to the season. Do so during the spring and early summer months when cool-season grasses are all the rage. Lay sod when warm-season turf is commonly seen, too. Premier Property is a local company that provides customers with first-rate landscaping services of all kinds.

If you set up a complimentary consultation with our team, we’ll head directly over to you for maximum convenience. Our team members always show up 100 percent ready to talk about all of the components that involve upcoming projects. You can depend on us to cover all of the bases. Premier Property is a firm that’s only satisfied when our customers are fully pleased. Your complete happiness motivates and drives us at all times. Note that it isn’t uncommon for clients to be unable to set up initial consultations with our staff. Clients sometimes have hectic schedules that stop them from being able to see us immediately. If you have a tight schedule that doesn’t make it easy for you to set up meetings during standard work hours, we totally understand. Schedule an appointment today.

We prepare Your Soil the Right Way

Correct soil preparation practices are essential. We get your soil fully ready for sod installation to secure the finest possible Groth. We do this prior to the sod installation process. It starts with a soil test. Then, we make sure that you have no less than four inches of soil. This soil should be of strong quality. If our team spot any old grass, get rid of it as soon as possible. Turning old grass is also a good option.

Extraction or turning older grass can help guarantee correct and healthy new sod growth. These actions can give you peace of mind as well. The rota-tilling of soil is optimal and beneficial. We roll the designated space for soil packing. Rolling can offer convenient ground leveling benefits. Our experienced team of installers will remove any and all signs of soil clumps, rocks, sticks and even roots. it is very important to get rid of any of these things without a hint of hesitation. We ensure that your soil is loosened on the top. Doing so will make it easy for the sod’s brand new roots to get used to their surroundings within the ground.

Other Useful Services We Provide

Premier Property is a full-service company that excels in the soil preparation world. Our expert landscape management in Ottawa can help you with many specialties that go beyond the extensive preparation of the soil. We specialize in efficient and effective soil testing service. Our experts meticulously measure designated sodding area. Digging service is even an option. We masterfully dig matter that’s organic into the sod. Raking, last but not least, is another helpful specialty we extend to our customers. Our team members carefully rake over designated areas for soil leveling purposes. This process occurs right before we introduce the sod.

Turf That’s Aesthetically Appealing

Our Kentucky bluegrass blend is associated with turf that’s visually enticing and thick. Its spreading abilities are unrivaled. This bluegrass has healing properties that are desirable. Damaged Kentucky bluegrass doesn’t usually remain in problematic condition for long. Many people love a Kentucky bluegrass blend for that. Reach out to Premier Property Services in Ottawa as soon as possible for additional details regarding our five-star sod sales and installation services.


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