Assess Your Soil With a Test

Assess Your Soil With a PH Test

Tips How to Install Sod

Assess Your Soil With a PH Test

Soil Meter

If you want to ensure an optimal turf growth setting when before laying sod, nothing can beat soil testing. The majority of turf grasses out there do well in soil that has ample aeration. They do well in soil that’s equipped with a pH that is somewhat acidic as well. A pH that’s in the range of 6 to 7.5 should work like a charm for laying your turf. You can prepare for a soil test easily. Simply collect numerous samples of soil from your designated sodding area. Blend all the soil together and put it into a bag. Once you do this, your soil is 100 percent ready for testing. Soil testing equipment is cheap and readily available at your local big box stores. Schedule an appointment today.

How to install Sod – Soil Test Advantages

Don’t ever assume that conducting a soil test is fruitless when laying sod. These tests actually are extremely advantageous. They can help you figure out all of the components that are vital for the future successes of your garden and lawn alike. Soil tests can give you insight into suitable pH and nutrient amounts. If you want to pick out the proper fertilizer and nutrients, soil testing is your best friend.

Money Saving and Soil Testing

People who want to save money may appreciate the plentiful advantages of soil testing. Individuals who have zero knowledge that involves existing nutrient amounts and pH may spend substantial sums of money adjusting their lawn care practices. These actions often do nothing at all to help the soil. Lawn enthusiasts who want to free themselves from inconveniences can do easily. Soil testing is all they need to do.

Helpful Information

A soil test can give you relevant and useful information about your soil while laying sod. People can learn about pH levels, first of all. They can learn about the presence of metals that are possibly toxic and harmful. Lead and arsenic are a couple of undesirable examples.

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