September 6, 2017

Snow Removal Methods

Snow Removal Methods

Try These Effective Snow Removal Methods This Winter

Snow Removal Methods

With the winter quickly approaching, the minds of many in Ottawa will understandably shift to an Ottawa snow removal services. It doesn’t matter if it is a home or office that you are worrying about keeping clear this coming season. The important thing is to have an effective plan in place ahead of time. As you consider what you will do this winter, take a look at these effective snow removal methods.

Consider the Challenges

Not everyone has a snow plow. In fact, few people do and fewer still have the luxury having access to one in a time of need. A Commercial snow plowing company like Premier Property service in Ottawa is a great choice for removing the white stuff from parking lots. What do you do when you have a driveway that needs to be cleared? This is where Ottawa snow removal becomes even more important. While many will look to commercial snow plowing to handle the big projects, there are some things you can do to help yourself. Keep in mind that there are safety issues to consider with snow removal Ottawa.

Manual Snow Removal

Many snow removal services continue to focus on manual snow removal. This is because it is the most effective way of clearing away the powder in difficult areas and melting the ice. This involves a combination of a manual snow plow and hand removal techniques. With commercial snow removal, you may also find that the use of chemicals is highly effective. With a local snow plowing service Like Premier Property Service, commercial snow plowing is also our specialty. We have been doing commercial snow plowing in Ottawa for many years. We know the quickest way to clear those driveways and walking paths.

Snow removal in Ottawa Ontario involves removing large amounts of snow. It has newly fallen, snow removal services can quickly accomplish this by hand if this is our only option. It is important to not delay, as rapid snow fall can cause the powder to stick to the pavement. When this happens, a snow plow will not be as effective. If that is the case, consider commercial snow removal is a way to effectively clear everything away.

Using Chemicals

Ottawa snow removal almost always involves the use of chemicals to some degree. This has long been the most effective way of dealing with snow and ice removal situation. Salt is the most common and most easily accessible chemical to use. A combination of chemicals and commercial snow plowing will often do the trick. It just depends on how cold the temperature actually is. With snow removal Ottawa, you will need 1 pound of salt if it 30 degrees F outside. This will be enough to melt away 40 pounds of ice. However, only 8 pounds of ice will be melted if the temperature dips down to 20 degrees F. Keep that in mind. While salt can work as low at -6 degrees, its effectiveness goes down when it is below 15 degrees outside.

What About Abrasives?

Many people wonder how effective abrasives are for snow removal Ottawa. The answer is that they can prove highly beneficial in certain situations. If the temperature is too low for salt to be of much good, snow removal services often turn to abrasives. A snow plow can only be effective to a certain point if the snow is already sticking to the ground. This is why commercial snow removal may involve the use of abrasives. We use this type of method in order to immediately handle slippery conditions. This is particularly important for commercial business owners who must protect their customers.

As you consider commercial snow plowing, look for a company that can use abrasives effectively when needed. Keep in mind that abrasives are designed as an immediate fix, but you will need more. Ottawa snow removal can come in after with the ice and snow to clean everything up. This is because abrasives tend to add quite a mess, but it is worth it given the safety it provides.

Contact us for your residential and commercial snow removal needs in Ottawa. We respond promptly and each of our staff members comes with years of expertise. It is our goal to get your property clean and clear as quickly as possible. Schedule an appointment today.

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