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Turf Care ServicesWhether your commercial property is mature or newly constructed, We offer Top-Quality Ottawa Sod Sales and Installation to help you get a plush, green lawn that will make it stand-out all summer long.  We offer a full range of turf care services that will rid your existing lawn of pests and weeds and provide it with the nutrients required to thrive. If you are in need of sodding and seeding for your newly built property – Premier has you covered.

Premier’s Turf Care services include:

  • Lawn Fertilization That Can Encourage a Healthy and Stunning Lawn

Keeping your turf in tiptop condition is important. There are many things that go into proper turf care service well. Regular lawn fertilization is just one of them. The benefits of routine lawn fertilization are without a doubt abundant. Frequent fertilization, first and foremost, can safeguard your outdoor space from the presence of unsightly and persistent weeds. It minimizes the odds of weed development. That’s because it encourages grass that’s lush and strong. Strong grass tends to be a lot less vulnerable to the risks of weeds.

People should focus on grass root health, too. Fertilizing a lawn on a routine basis is critical for people who want to encourage optimal grass root health. Fertilizer has the ability to make grassroots markedly more powerful. Grassroots that have strength on their side can take in water rapidly as well. If you want to keep unattractive muddy areas far away from your lawn, great root health is imperative.

It’s critical to provide your lawn with all of the beneficial nutrients that can help it thrive, flourish and remain attractive and healthy for a long time. Examples of vital nutrients for outdoor spaces are potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Premier Property turf care service will keep your lawn healthy for years to come.

  • Weed Control That’s Safe, Efficient and Effective

WEED CONTROLWeeds are never welcome on lawns. The mere sight of weeds can often be enough to make property owners feel significant embarrassment. Problems with weeds can get out of hand quickly as well. If you’re having trouble controlling weeds on your lawn, however, you don’t have to resign yourself to an unpleasant outdoor setting. Premier Property Services can offer you first-class weed control service. The advantages of professional weed control service are numerous. Professionals rely on world-class herbicides that can keep weed emergence at bay. These herbicides are more than just effective and powerful, too. That’s because they’re also safe.

Investing in professional weed control is always a good idea. Weeds have the ability to destroy healthy and beautiful grass. People who want to protect gorgeous and thriving grass from potential danger should do whatever it takes to keep weed issues under control.

Weeds can also be extremely discouraging. People who run businesses should do whatever they can to keep weeds off their lawns. Customers and clients are drawn to outdoor spaces that are perfectly meticulous and well-maintained. Neglected lawns that are full of weeds may encourage people to assume bad things about the rest of a company’s operations.

  • Lawn Aeration and Lovely Lawns

Lawn aerationLawn aeration is yet another essential lawn maintenance practice. It’s a lot like watering and mowing in that it can contribute to an outdoor space that’s in tiptop condition all year long. Aeration, in brief, entails putting tiny holes into the soil. Doing so enables nutrients, water, and air to all access the roots of grass. This process encourages strong root growth. It’s a process that promotes lawns that are markedly tougher and more resilient as well.

Professional aeration can be appropriate for all different kinds of lawns. This practice can be helpful to lawns that receive significant foot traffic. If you run a business that welcomes seemingly countless customers day in and day out, then it may be the perfect candidate for Premier Property Services’ landscape management in-depth lawn aeration work. Frequent lawn aeration can be a strong idea for lawns that are prone to drying as well. Outdoor spaces that are susceptible to severe drying may have issues with thatch. People who are interested in lawn aeration work that’s in-depth, comprehensive and efficient should always turn to the guidance of knowledgeable professionals.

  • Sodding and Overseeding and Healthy, Welcoming Lawns

OverseedingSod is a vital component of proper turf care. People who crave outdoor spaces that are full of life and beauty can get a lot out of regular sodding and over-seeding services. Sod is capable of taking in carbon dioxide and minimizing greenhouse gases. It offers air cooling benefits and gives off oxygen. Sod is also markedly cooler than artificial turf, asphalt, concrete, and stone.

Overseeding service can be terrific for outdoor spaces of all varieties. This service is relatively simplistic. It entails distributing grass seeds on top of lawns, nothing more and nothing less. Grasses tend to become sparse with the passing of time. Sparseness is particularly common in lawns that receive frequent use and traffic. Overseeding is a process that’s helpful in that it promotes lawns that look and feel fresh and new. People who want to safeguard their lawns from the effects of aging, as a result, can often benefit significantly from Premier landscaping management professional overseeding service. This service can strengthen the coloring of a lawn. Bald sections on lawns can be an eyesore, to say the least. Overseeding can be a convenient and efficient way to do away with conspicuous baldness.

  • Surface Insect Control and Lawns That Are Devoid of Frustrating Pests

Turf insectsPest infestations are never good news for people who wish to maintain outdoor spaces that are healthy, inviting and gorgeous. That’s the reason premier property and service Ottawa professional turf care services, and surface insect control service can be so invaluable. Surface insect control service involves exhaustive lawn inspections. This is a type of service that can manage lawn insects early on. It, because of that, can often manage situations prior to permanent damage and destruction.

Turf insects can wreak havoc on lawns. Notable examples of these nuisances are cutworms, sod webworms, and chinch bugs. Pests such as these can contribute to substantial lawn destruction. If you’re serious about keeping creepy crawlies off your lawn for good, then you without a doubt need the assistance of experienced and capable professionals who have taken on these pests many times in the past.

Chinch bugs are in no way a laughing matter. These insects have a talent for being able to consume grasses. Qualified professionals are aware of chinch bugs’ lifecycles. They offer prompt assistance that can stop chinch bugs from taking over lawns. When you need in-depth surface insect control service, Premier Property Services can accommodate all of your wishes fully.

  • Grub Control Can Help You Say Goodbye to Pesky Grubs

chinch bugsWho wants to deal with the negative effects of grubs on lawns? Grub destruction is a major issue for turf grasses everywhere. Grubs can rapidly harm lawns in so many ways. These pests can lead to extensive damage on their own. They also can be problematic due to the fact that they can encourage other creatures to head over to your outdoor space as well. Some examples of these are skunks, raccoons, birds, groundhogs, gophers, rats, and mice. People who wish to keep annoying rodents away from their yards are often ideal candidates for professional grub control from our turf care services team. Animals of all kinds have penchants for grub meals.

Grub damage can be immensely shocking. It can show up seemingly out of nowhere. If you want to assess your grass for potential grub destruction, you can simply tug on your grass plant. Pay attention if you can retrieve the plant without much effort. Take note if you get it without any signs of roots as well. These things can signify grub destruction that requires fast and efficient professional attention. Contact Premier Property Services as soon as possible to make an appointment for five-star grub control.



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