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Premier is equipped to take on the installation of irrigation systems in commercial buildings, condominiums, sports fields, parks, and green roofs. Premier’s installation team is highly trained in these complex systems. The irrigation industry is constantly evolving; we only install the leading irrigation brands, offer the most cutting edge technology and strive to deliver a solution that will meet your every need. There is no project too big or too small.

New build? No problem! We will work with your general contractor and sub-trades to make sure we are there on time, so that the job can stay on schedule.

Are you a Landscaper? Choose Premier for your next commercial project! We are experienced at working closely with a landscaping team and will ensure your newly installed landscape gets a healthy start and keeps thriving for years to come. Premier will be there throughout the project to install conduits under pathways and parking lots as the construction project progresses.

We supply and install sod? Premier will be there the day it is installed to make certain the sod is immediately watered thoroughly and an appropriate irrigation program is set-up to keep the sod lush and green.

Premier Commercial Irrigation System offers many benefits:

  1. It keeps your landscape thriving, which enhances the curb-appeal of your property and keeps it looking professional.
  2. It is designed for efficiency and saves you water.
  3. It is installed with the most rugged equipment and will stand up to the harshest conditions, saving you time and money.

Premier offers the following Irrigation services:

  • Commercial irrigation system design
  • Commercial irrigation installation
  • Commercial irrigation system service & maintenance
  • Commercial irrigation performance audits
  • Backflow prevention testing
  • Central control system monitoring

Central Control System Monitoring

Central control systems are the leading edge technology that will save more water on a commercial property than anything else on the market. Central control systems allow your commercial irrigation system to be controlled directly from Premier’s office. A flow sensor is installed to take readings and will average out the normal consumption for each irrigation zone on your property. If an above average reading is detected, commonly caused by a broken sprinkler head or leak in a line, then the central control system automatically adjusts the timer setting to shut off the affected zone and send an error to Premier so that a service tech can be dispatched for the repair.

Thousands and thousands of dollars are wasted each year by commercial properties when broken sprinklers or leaking pipes go unnoticed for weeks. A central control system will eliminate this problem and give you peace of mind. This technology also gives Premier the capability to monitor your system remotely and immediately shut down and restart your irrigation system, should the need arise. Property owners will be able to see a large savings on their water bill immediately after installation.

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