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Get Your Soil Sod-Ready Today

The Sod Soil Preparation Process

Commercial Landscape Maintenance – Get Your Soil Sod-Ready Today

Prepare Your SoilPreparing soil for the sod installation process isn’t a complicated task at all. Employ a rototiller for soil loosening purposes. Depth of between six and eight inches is ideal. Do away with debris such as stones. Introduce organic matter to the equation. Aim for between two and three inches total. This matter can boost both water retention and soil aeration. It can even strengthen your soil’s microbial presence. Organic matter, in a nutshell, is essential for soil wellness. Till in lime or fertilizer. You can decide this once you evaluate the outcome of your soil testing. Need help with the preparation process? Call us we are lawn pros with sod installation and Commercial Landscape Maintenance.

Prepare Your Soil Like a Champion

It’s critical to get your ground ready prior to beginning the sod installation process. You need a minimum of 4 healthy soil inches. Eliminate any grass that’s old. Doing so can promote strong new sod growth. Rota-till your soil. Roll the section for soil packing purposes. This can also offer useful ground leveling. Extract any soil masses, sticks, roots or rocks you notice. Loosen the uppermost layer of soil. Focus on the highest two inches. This can encourage the new sod’s roots to settle well. Schedule an appointment today.

Drop Premier Property a Line Today

Sod Soil Preparation Process
If you need more information that can help you prepare your soil for sod installation, get in contact with Premier Property Service Ottawa as soon as possible. They are experienced with commercial landscape maintenance. We can provide you with accurate information regarding rota-tilling, water retention, soil aeration and more. Call us right now for more information about the soil preparation process.

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